LANSOPRAZOLE – 30Mg Capsules



Detailed description:

DESCRIPTION: Solid gelatine two-colour capsules (white and red), content of capsule white or whitish oval blob shape granule.
COMPOSITION: Active substance: Lansoprazole 30 mg.
Aiding substances: starch, lactose, talk, kalcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, sucarose, natrium carboxymethylcellulose, sorbitol.
PHARMACOLOGICAL OPERATION: It is a stomach ulcer diseases therapeutic agent. Blokes last stage of acid salt formation. In parietal cell of stomach it transforms as an active form - sulfonamide. Reduces basal and stimulating (food, pentagastrine, insulin) secretion and secret volume. Speed of acid salt secretion inhibition depends on the dosage. It has gastroprotective action: reinforcement of mucous cover oxygenation and bicarbonate secretion. Lowers Helicobacter pylori growth, reduces blood circulation in stomach's antral part and lowers stomach's motor-evacuation function. 
INDICATION: Non-ulcer dyspepsia, stomach and duodenum ulcer disease, erosion- ulcerative esophagitis, reflux esophagitis, Zolinger-Elison syndrome, and Helicobacter pylori infection (combined treatment).
CONTRA-INDICATION:  Additional sensitivity toward the components of the preparation, malignant formation of intestine tract, pregnant period (especially the first term), children's age. 
USING RULE AND DOSAGE: Peroral in the morning. 
Non-ulcer dyspepsia: 15-30 mg in a day.
Duodenum ulcer: 30 mg in a day during 2-4 weeks.
Gastric ulcer: 30-60 mg in a day during 4-8 weeks;
Reflux esophagitis: 30 mg in a day for 4 weeks;
Zolinger-Elison syndrome: dosage will be selected individually, that will supplies basal sourness level 10 mm/h. 
Helicobacter pylori's infection: 30 mg 2 times in a day (combined treatment).
SIDE EFFECTS: Intestine tract: diarrhea, appetite increase or decrease rarely, nausea¸ pain in stomach, constipation. 
Nervous system: headache, sleepiness. 
Skin: - rarely rash, angioderma. 
Sometimes interstitial nephritis, liver dysfunction, leucocytopenia, thrombocytopenia.
STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store on 15-25ºC temperature conditions.
SHELF LIFE: 2 years.
ORDER OF ISSUE: Pharmaceutical product group III (issued without prescription).
PACKAGE: Primary package: 10 capsules on pvc/alu blister.
Secondary package: 1 blister in a carton box with application instruction.
MANUFACTURER: Ltd “Neopharmi”.