EUCALYPTUS + C N20 Tablets



Detailed description:

DRUG FORM: Tablets.
PHARMACOLOGICAL GROUP: Locally-acting anti-inflammatory and antiseptic  agent.
PHARMACOLOGICAL OPERATION: Drug  has anti inflammatory, bactericidal, expectorant action. Operates on gram-positive and gram-negative microbes.
COMPOSITION: Active substances: Eucalyptus oil - 6 mg, menthol - 5mg, ascorbic acid -20mg.
Aiding substances: Sugar, sorbitol, talcum ,calcium or magnesium stearate; aerosol, green pigment.
·    Oral cavity inflammatory diseases (gingivitis, stomatitis and etc..);
·    Inflammatory diseases of upper air passages (laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and etc.).
CONTRA-INDICATION: Individual incompatibility towards the components of the  the preparation.
SIDE EFFECTS: No data available.
APPLICATION  AND DOSAGE RULE: For adults: one tablet 3-4 times a day for sucking without chew.
For children more than 8 year old: 1 tablet 1-2 times a day for sucking, without chew.
Duration of the treatment period shouldn't exceed 5 day.
OVERDOSE: Overdose cases aren't recorded.
PREGNANCY AND LACTATION PERIOD: Preparation may be used at time of pregnancy and lactation period only with the consent of doctor.
INFLUENCE ON DRIVING CARS AND OTHER VEHICLES: The preparation does not influence on driving cars and other vehicles.
PRODUCTION FORM: 10 lozenges on the blister. One or two blisters are put in carton box.
STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in dry,  protected from light place, at not more then 25ºC temperature. 
ORDER OF ISSUE: III group of a pharmaceutical product (issued without prescription).
SHELF LIFE:  3 years.
In case of visual defects and expiry of validity date, the preparation can't be used.
MANUFACTURER: Ltd ,,Neopharmi”.